About me

Alysse. 22 in Toronto
Notoriously cold hands (and feet)

bricolage: (in art or literature) construction or creation from a diverse range of available things : the chaotic bricolage of the novel is brought together in a unifying gesture.

This is the perfect word to describe this blog, instead of “messy hodgepodge of cupcakes, old WB teen melo-drama worship, my psych class notes, lines from leonard cohen and musing and marvelings on life and love”. Essentially this blog will come down to my three favourite things: storytelling, snapshots and staying warm. I am Canadian, after all.

hungarian and irish
psychology and criminology major

loves: great films, better books, and baaad guilty-pleasure tv shows; autumn, tiramisu, rain and feng shui; family, friends and my bichon frise.

verymarykate; zeppelin, stars, schuyler fisk and gwen stefani; ray bradbury, leonard cohen, viktor frankl; rauchenberg, seurat and kandinsky; emilio pucci, proenza schouler, and alexander wang; eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, high fidelity, dirty dancing and the life aquatic; arrested development, dawson's creek, being erica, gilmore girls, futurama.

what this is:
it's about love, it's about me, it's about warmth and blankets and piping hot tea; it's about banana pancakes in bed and shrieking responsibilities. it's a cynic believing in stupid fate, daydreaming away and staying up late. it's love for life itself, a life that's for the brave, and its only life, after all.

I hope whatever this is becomes something that warms you on the coldest days and smolders your heart, making you still love, despite the dark.